Early Orthodontic Treatment

Finding a kids orthodontist is essential, even if you are not noticing issues with your child’s bite at an early age. Many parents incorrectly think orthodontics is strictly for older kids with adult teeth, but in fact, orthodontics can help correct issues early, decreasing the likelihood of more invasive interventions later in adolescence. The irregularities commonly treated during phase one or early orthodontics can exist from birth or can be the result of early oral development. When they are corrected early in life, adult teeth have the opportunity to come in straighter, decreasing the length of future treatments, and in some cases removing the need for other orthodontic treatments later in life altogether.

Tristar Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics
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Early Treatment Options

Experts recognize that early treatment should occur between ages two and six, and children who receive orthodontic treatment at these ages do so to guide the width and formation of both dental arches. Teeth grinding and jaw clicking during movement are both indicators that a child is a candidate for early orthodontics, as is the early loss of primary or baby teeth.


Adolescent Orthodontics

After age twelve, children benefit from traditional adolescent orthodontic procedures to correct alignment and bite. This includes options like metal braces, and even new ceramic braces. For some kids, it can also include options like Invisalign Teen, which provides for a less restrictive treatment plan.