Helping Young Patients Feel Comfortable In Our Care
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Despite our extra efforts, inviting décor and friendly staff, some pediatric patients still feel uncomfortable in our care. While this is perfectly normal, our kids dentist in Dickson understands the importance of thorough and routine dental cleanings and preventative maintenance, which is why we go above and beyond to ensure that every child leaves our office has received the care and treatment he or she needs to achieve and maintain a healthy smile. One way in which we go above and beyond is by providing sedation dentistry.

Nitrous Oxide

In instances in which general anesthesia is not necessary, we opt for nitrous oxide—or, as you may know, it as, laughing gas. Our sedation dentist in Dickson prefers to use nitrous oxide because of its mild sedative effect and because of its proven safe for all ages. Nitrous oxide is easy to administer at our Dickson pediatric dental office. Your child sits back in the dental chair, and one of our team members places a mask over his or her nose and mouth. Then we begin to administer the gas, and only administer more as required. Your child is fully awake and aware but does not feel anything, which makes for a smooth and uneventful procedure.

Another reason that we love nitrous oxide so much is because of how quickly it wears off. Once treatment is complete, your son or daughter should be good to go back to school, soccer practice or to run errands with you.